Direct Mail Marketing

Direct mail can be a key piece to your marketing strategy. With the advent of email marketing and spam filters we have been inundated with digital junk that doesn’t get read or even delivered to your intended target. What we offer to you is a designed program to hit your current customers, potential customers and those untapped markets that you are trying to find. Our direct and bulk mailing services provides you with the setup, printing & mailing so it will pass all of the postal regulations and save you money on the bulk rate postage. Our state of the art software and mailing system provides this flawless system in a cost effective and time efficient manner. 

We are a full service direct mail marketer and will handle all of your mailing needs. We will provide the services which will give you more time to concentrate on acquiring more business. Printing OC only uses official USPS vendors for our mailing lists, software & hardware.

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Bulk Mail Benefits:

  • Significant Postage Savings – Based on Zip Codes, Standard, First Class, Non Profit Rates


  • Free project consultation prior to producing your job

  • Graphic Design as needed to insure postal regulations

  • Addressing & Direct Imprinting

  • Automation Processing, Presorting, Stuff, Seal, Sort & Deliver 

  • Bar Coding

  • CASS Certification

  • Dedupe – Scrub List for Duplications

  • Digital Imprinting

  • Envelope Printing

  • Labeling, Tab Sealing, Shrink Wrapping

  • List Acquistion & List Management

  • We Provide Our Mailing Indicia for You!